Many organizations recognize the value that Family Legal Care affords and sponsor the Plan as part of their overall employee benefits packages. Consider the following reasons for offering Family Legal Care to your company’s employee benefits package:

  • Employer Legal Protection

    Sponsoring organizations are insulated from becoming involved with employee legal problems. Employers do not have to provide personal legal advice to employees.

  • High Value and No (or Low) Cost to Your Company

    The Family Legal Care plan offers valuable benefits to your employees that they can and will utilize. The plan can be offered as a voluntary benefit that is employer sponsored and funded by employees through payroll deductions.

  • The Plan Cannot be Used for Employer/Employee Matters

    Any legal matters involving a member, spouse or dependents and any employer or plan sponsor are expressly excluded from plan coverage.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Recruiting and retaining quality employees is becoming increasingly competitive. Offering legal services in your benefits package can give your company a competitive advantage.

  • Increase in Employee Productivity

    Studies show that employees facing legal problems have higher rates of absenteeism and are distracted on the job. With the Family Legal Care Plan, your employees receive professional assistance and are more focused, improving your bottom line.

  • No Minimum Group Participation Required

    Unlike many other insurance products, the Family Legal Care Plan is not subject to underwriting criteria requiring a minimum number of employees to participate in order for the plan to be offered.

  • Ease of Administration

    The principle employer function of plan sponsorship is payroll deduction. There are no claims forms, deductibles, or other items for H.R. to handle.

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