How much does membership in the Family Legal Care plan cost?

The cost of quality legal protection under the Family Legal Care Plan is $20.00 or less per month for a single family membership. For new members, there is a twelve (12) month membership requirement. For information about group or corporate rates, please call Family Legal Care at 410-628-1110 or toll-free at 1-800-546-1602.

Is the monthly rate only a “special, limited time offer” which will increase once I am in the plan?

No, this is our standard rate for individual memberships and is actually less than when the plan started in 1991.

May I use a credit or debit card to pay?

Yes, simply indicate your preference when you enroll and Family Legal Care will bill your Visa or Mastercard.

How do I enroll?

You may click here to download an enrollment form which can be faxed or mailed to Family Legal Care. Or, contact us directly at 410-628-1110.

Can I change Plan law firms?

Building a comfortable personal relationship with your attorney is a core element of the Family Legal Care Plan. However, we recognize that personality conflicts or differences may affect any relationship. In these cases, members may switch law firms within the Family Legal Care Plan.

Why is the plan so inexpensive? How does my lawyer get paid?

As with health care services, purchasing legal services through a group plan significantly reduces the cost to the consumer. A substantial portion of your monthly Family Legal Care fee is paid directly to your chosen law firm as a retainer.

What types of law firms participate in the plan?

Family Legal Care has a network of independent law firms that specialize in general practice and family law. These well-established firms service clients both in and outside of the Family Legal Care Plan and provide all of their clients with the highest quality of legal services.

The Family Legal Care Plan covers me, my spouse and dependents. Who qualifies as a “dependent?”

To determine dependent status, Family Legal Care uses rules similar to those used in filing income taxes. If a person meets the federal and state tax guidelines on legal dependency, he or she is covered under your membership.

If the Family Legal Care Plan covers both me and my spouse, who gets Family Legal Care benefits in the case of divorce?

Legal services for divorce, which are covered under the Family Legal Care plan, are the primary member’s benefit.

Are “pre-existing” issues covered under the Family Legal Care Plan?

Family Legal Care defines pre-existing issues as any matter that originated prior to the effective date of the Member Agreement and involved either (a.) the commencement of any legal action or proceedings by or against the member or (b.) the prior retention by the member of the services of another attorney. Pre-existing issues are EXCLUDED from the “no-additional charge” services, but MAY be significantly discounted under the Family Legal Care plan after an initial consultation with your plan attorney.

Is there a minimum term of enrollment in the Family Legal Care Plan? Do I have to renew my membership?

The minimum term of membership in Family Legal Care is 12 months. If after 12 months a member wishes to cancel his/her membership, Family Legal Care requires 30 days written notice. Renewal of the Family Legal Care Plan is automatic and over 98% of Family Legal Care members continue to utilize the service year after year for their legal protection and peace-of-mind.

The Family Legal Care Plan offers discounted services from my law firm. How do I know if I’m receiving a true discount?

Family Legal Care regularly monitors the rates of all participating law firms. If you have a concern about a fee, Family Legal Care is able to compare the fee being charges versus the standard rates of your attorney. In addition, we compare Family Legal Care firm rates to the rates of other firms in the geographic area to ensure that they are competitive.

Are foreign language services available?

Many of Family Legal Care’s participating law firms offer special services for clients whose first language is not English. Upon enrollment, inquire about firms offering service in other languages.

Can companies or groups sponsor the Family Legal Care Plan?

Certainly. The Family Legal Care Plan can be an important component of an employee benefits package and many companies are sponsoring the Family Legal Care Plan through payroll deduction. Please see our Company or Group Sponsorship page for more information.