Family Legal Care Plan Overview

The Family Legal Care Plan is a licensed insurance plan that provides legal protection for you and your family. The premium is only $20.00 or less per month. You select your law firm from a group of local firms, and you and your family receive the following legal services for no additional charge:

  • Preparation of documents including simple wills, advance directives (living wills) and powers of attorney
  • Unlimited legal advice and consultation
  • Review of legal documents such as leases, contracts, and purchase agreements
  • Representation in court for certain legal matters

Additionally, ALL other legal matters not included in the above categories are covered by the ULB Plan, and legal services will be provided at a minimum 25% discount from the standard rates of your chosen law firm. For more details, view our Detailed Summary of Services.

The Family Legal Care Quality Assurance Program monitors the standard rates of participating law firms to ensure all discounts are true. Take a look at our Comparison of ULB Member Costs vs. Standard Legal Fees.

The Family Legal Care Plan is often referred to as “Legal Health Care” because it is structured like medical insurance. After enrolling, all contact is direct, private, and confidential between you and your attorney. Under the ULB Plan, you and your family develop a personal and long-lasting relationship with your attorney; similar to the relationships you have with your family doctor, dentist, and other professionals.

For new members, there is a minimum twelve (12) month membership requirement. There is no waiting period, and once you receive your membership card, you contact your attorney directly for your legal needs. This guarantees your privileged client/attorney relationship.

Become a member of the ULB Plan and take advantage of the following legal services that are provided at No-Additional-Charge:

  • Preparation of Wills

    The preparation, revision, and periodic review of wills for you and your spouse by your attorney.

  • General Advice and Consultation

    Either on the phone or office visit, your attorney provides answers and advice on any legal matter as frequently as you require it.

  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney / Medical Directives / “Living Wills”

    Preparation of specific and general powers of attorney: that bestow the legal right to make important decisions.

  • Family Law / Divorce

    Representation in uncontested divorce with matters of child custody, child support, distribution of property, and other matters of marriage dissolution.

  • Traffic Violations

    Legal advice for traffic court or District Court in cases of misdemeanor traffic offenses, including speeding, and representation in administrative hearings associated with first-time alcohol-related and serious traffic offenses.

  • Consumer/Seller Relations

    Assistance in disputes with a manufacturer, distributor, service agency, contractor, retailer or other entity.

  • Review of Legal Documents

    Review and explanation of any fine print and legal language in documents including leases, financial agreements, bills of sale or service contracts.

  • Real Estate Transactions

    Review of contracts and documents in the sale or purchase of any non-commercial property (title work not included.)

  • Administrative Proceedings

    Advice in dealings with federal, state and local agencies like the Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration or Zoning Boards.

  • Adoptions

    Representation for adopting parents or stepparents in an uncontested adoption.

  • Defense of Juveniles

    Protection for children in non-criminal and misdemeanor criminal proceedings.

  • Credit Protection

    Consultation and advice on credit-related billing disputes and collection agency harassment.

  • Criminal Violations

    Initial consultation and legal advice on any criminal matter in the District or Circuit Courts.

  • Personal Injury

    The ULB Plan provides for reduced contingency fees in non-work related personal injury cases.