See the Family Legal Care Summary of Services for specific details and exclusions

Legal Service Estimated Attorney Fees
FLC Member* Non-Member**
General Consultation and Advice (by phone or in person) $0 $125-$175/hr
Preparation of wills with contingent trusts for minors, living wills, medical durable powers of attorney, and advance directives $0 $400-$500
Review and Revision of Wills $0 $125-$175/hr
Representation for Uncontested Divorce $0 $500-$750
Consultation regarding landlord/tenant disputes $0 $150-$250/hr
Processing of Uncontested Adoption
With attorney representation in Court




Consumer complaint for defective merchandise or warranty dispute $0 $150-$250/hr
Review of financial contract or lease $0 $150-$250/hr
Assistance with credit disputes $0 $150-$300/hr
Purchase of home (*not title work)

For buyer

For Seller





Juvenile court appearance (first offense) $0 $400-$750
Personal injury (contingency fee based on amount of award) 25-33% 33-40% of award
DUI Representation (first offense)

MVA Hearing Regarding License Suspension

District Court Appearance

$500 Max




*See Family Legal Care Summary of Plan Services for specific coverage
**Fees may vary among attorneys

Family Legal Care members receive all of the above services and the cost of membership for one year is less than the average cost of an attorney’s services for one hour!